Advancing Women in Business

Extrapreneurs is a show about the issues and opportunities facing women.

It tackles the big issues. It provides how-to advice from industry leaders. There's  lifestyle features to help prepare for a productive workday and focus on self-care. 

We want to lift all women entrepreneurs so they will be inspired to chase their dreams, drive our economy, and build our communities. We want to raise awareness of the issues and spark conversations that drive change.

Who are Extrapreneurs?

Extrapreneurs are women entrepreneurs who  collaborate, innovate, share ideas, and provide solutions. They are the conversation starters, bridge builders, community drivers, and leaders. 

Interview Ronalda Walsh and Paula Sheppard of NLOWE

Episode 1 

Meet your host Ronnie Walsh as she discusses the barriers and opportunities for women in business with Newfoundland and Labrador Organization of Women Entrepreneurs CEO Paula Sheppard. Nutritionist Tara Antle cooks up some quick and easy recipes for the busy entrepreneur, and we’ll have a beer with an exciting start up in rural Newfoundland.

About the Host

Twenty years ago, Ronnie Walsh was a divorced, single mother working as a journalist in Winnipeg. For more than a decade, she worked as a reporter, news anchor, and senior producer of local and network radio and TV, leading a large team of journalists in Toronto.  
 A move East resulted in a career change and work with the government of Newfoundland and Labrador; and then in corporate Canada as a Director of Communications. After racking up some awards, Ronnie co-founded Nine Island Communications in 2009, where she works today telling the stories of leading organizations and corporations in Newfoundland and across the country.  
Ronnie loves to make perogies (she’s Ukrainian), bake all things, and spend time with her husband and three boys (yes, three boys).  She’s working on that whole exercise thing. What makes her tick is connecting people – through ideas, business relationships, and friendships. Her family and these connections make her smile the most. 

Extrapreneurs host Ronalda Walsh smiling

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